Cool Interactive Cool Interactive is dedicated to serve the Christian community through online channel. We provide FREE services such as website evaluation and development, strategic consultancy, search engine submission as well as registration of domain name and web hosting services. Our serving targets are Christian organizations, seminaries and churches who are planning to set up online presence or to revamp their web sites.

: Origin :
Founded by Kenneth Cheung in 2003, Cool Interactive gathers a group of Christians who are proficient in the interactive industry.

Since 1997, Kenneth has been helping Christian organizations to set up their web sites. He saw how World Wide Web benefits and reaches out people in different parts of the world. Tremendous opportunities behind this unique media should continue to be explored even after the dotcom fall. In fact, enhancing the quality and usability of their web sites is a highly cost-effective strategy in reaching their target audiences.

This is the fundamental purpose of setting up Cool Interactive.

Cool not only means "good", it actually means the "Calling Of Our Lord". We expect our works to be "cool" and we perceive our services as the calling of our Lord.

: Why Free :
Most of our teammates have their full-time jobs and they work purely as volunteers for Cool Interactive. That's why we can provide free labor services.

Our resources are limited. However, we will commit to meet our target once we have confirmed a project. Since we are based in Hong Kong, the priority will be serving local Christian community.

: Your Support :
We do not have major running cost because we do not own any portal, enterprise-class server or data center. What we provide are knowledge and intellectual services. Therefore we do not rely on third-party financial support.

But we do need prayers from you and grace from our Lord. Please remember our ministry in your prayers.

: Recruitment :
If you are a dedicated and responsible Christian and would like to serve the Lord through this media, you are welcome to join the team. We are looking for professionals such as web programmers, designers, copywriters, strategic planners and project leaders.

: Projects :

Faith100 信仰百川 (
- Launched in March 2014

Christian Light Counseling Service 基光心靈輔導服務社協會
- Launched in April 2008

TTMHK Kau Yan (Whampoa) Church 崇真會救恩堂黃埔分堂
- Launched in December 2007

Christian Prison Pastoral Fellowship 基督教監獄牧養團契 (Currently Christian Prison Pastoral Association 牧愛會)
- Launched in March 2004

Free from Zion 走出錫安教
- Revamped in February 2004

Hong Kong Sports Ministry Coalition 體育事工聯盟 (
- Launched in September 2003

Other Consultancy
- Sports Services International
- Hong Kong Professional & Education Services Ltd. 香港專業人才服務機構
- Era Creation 百代基信
- Cornerstone Association 房角石協會

To contact Cool Interactive, please email